Friday, August 7, 2009

The Promise, So I'll Stay

Been thinking a bit … always slightly dangerous …

Sure, we have our ills, who doesn’t?

Been reading 2 Samuel … who doesn’t have their ills?

But it’s the promise of God …

To be faithful … faithful to the likes of us … Joabs and Davids and

Absaloms and Bathshebas and Uriahs and lusters and lovers and

Killers and plotters and avengers and women and men who still

Somehow, are after God’s own heart, because God is steadfast in faith.

That’s what counts … that’s the story … that’s the gospel.


And, sure, we have our ills.

But it’s the promise that sustains us.

We can’t build it.

We can’t kill it.

We don’t get there.

It comes to us!

The promise.

Glad to be a Presbyterian … we have some of that promise-sturdiness in our gut …

Something of that hope, because God is greater …

And maybe it’s God who’s shrinking us …

Like reducing a good sauce, to intensify it’s flavor ..

And teaching us to weep.

Some would quit and walk away to their own peculiar brand of ills.

But I’ll stay, and I’ll weep, and I’ll hope and work and stay the course.

Because of the promise.

It comes to us.



  1. Very nice Tom

  2. Grace, Pain, Evil, Promises, Faith, Sturdyness, Sadness, Fear, Teaching, Learning, Faith, Hope, Acceptance, Goodness, Happiness, God

    Yes...Faith is in there twice.

    God's word, the great story which I believe the Lord, our God, has meant to provide meaning, maybe different meanings, to each soul it touches.

    Tom Eggabeen ... I suspect you have been thinking more than just a bit about this.

    Your poem has captured the essence of living a Godly life in a scary, sinful world. A world where each of us, you and I, are the sinners, who find hope, faith, and God

    Your poem touches most, if not all, facets of human life and human life with God.

    and ... Yes ... I am weeping.

    Blessings to you and all of those who are fortunate enough to read your work.

    Thank you Tom.

    ... Robert