Friday, September 9, 2011

We Did It ... or You Did!

My son's Peace Corps project is funded.

Work will soon begin.

When we visit there at the end of December, the Social Center will have it's Grand Opening!

Thank you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We Can Finish the Funding for My Son's PC Project - ONLY $500 MORE NEEDED!!

Dear Friends,

Last chance!

We can do it tonight/tomorrow.

Finish my son's project funding so that he can begin the good work.

You can go to the web site from here: OR ( and click on "Donate to Volunteer Projects"--the second one in the light blue. Then go down the page to "Swaziland" read about the Project.) As you can see by the amount needed, 45% has to come from the local area--the town council there is contributing $4800. 

Josh needs to raise $5741.96 in all and as of today he has $500 to go. It looks like he has $2550 to go, however, there is a match of $2000 when the last $550 is funded. He cannot start the project until the full amount is funded. So, it is close and he would like to start by the end of September.    11 x $50 will = the $550.

Giving through the Peace Corp web site makes it a tax deductible donation for you. (You will receive a letter from them.) We cannot tell who has or hasn't donated (Josh can when it's finished), so should you have already donated, thank you so very much and please excuse this last solicitation for this project.

Needless to say, he is really excited. There is more that he can do to the building, but once the donations are made (the $5741.96 on this site) he can get started. (He had to do an extensive "Proposal" to the Peace Corps with amounts needed and what for.) The Peace Corps will then deposit it in an account for Josh to use. 

If he raises more than the $5742, it goes to the general fund of Peace Corps Volunteer Projects. So, should you see that the $550 has been donated and $2000 still needed, before donating, email ( or call her 734.751.2121 at that point. We can directly deposit it to his project (and it won't go to the "general fund" of PC but will then help him do some of the finishing touches that aren't included in the above amount.)

Josh works along side of other non-profit organizations there too, like: Doctors Without Borders, AMICAALL, Red Cross. Josh says everyday he thanks God for giving him this opportunity, that it has enriched his life so very much and now others too.

Love to all of you,