Sunday, April 24, 2016

Well, It's Sunday!

Well, it's Sunday.
Now what?
For me?

Been there all of my life.
Early-on memories, dark
Vaulted, beamed

Pews too high for
Short legs.
Swinging away.

Parents, brother.
Preacher in the pulpit.
Windows, glass, stained.

Pot luck dinners.
VBS, and I didn't like it.
Not one bit.
Played a seed in the Sower Drama.

Early-on memories.
Good and kind and loving.

I don't know what religion means.
I don't know what church is all about.
It's my DNA.
It's bone of my bone.

I cry with music.
I nod my head in hope.
I pray to be mindful and kind.
I want things for my family.

Life is short.
And gets shorter all the time.
Days hurry on.
Time passes on.

It's Sunday.
A time to think about
Passing things, and things, that may be