Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Religion Inside-Out

I grabbed a jacket outta the closet and put it on, not paying attention at all, until I realized the jacket was inside-out. Still the same jacket, same color, pretty much the same everything, but inside-out.

Thought about religion - maybe there's a way to wear religion inside-out - it pretty much looks the same, but it's not right.

I don't know … want to be careful … but I think when religion is worn inside-out, everything ends up upside down - what should be love becomes hate, what should be gentle becomes aggressive, what should be compassionate becomes exclusionary.

The words are pretty much the same, the sounds and the smells, the books and the candles, but it's all inside-out.

I think Jesus saw this and did his level-headed best to help folks redress themselves, to wear their religion right side-out. I think Jesus, via the Spirit, is still doing this.

It was a tough job then, and remains so, even for the Son of God.