Monday, January 30, 2017

Evangelicals Have It All Wrong

Evangelicals complain a great deal about being mistreated.

Well, what do they expect?
Seems to me, Jesus makes it clear:
"What they did to me, they'll do to you."

So, why not be grateful for the mistreatment?
It's proof, is it not, of faithfulness?
Should it not be a joy for evangelicals?

I mean, "blessed are you when people revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad."

So, what's the evangelical beef?
Well the beef is this!
They expect this nation to be theirs.
They expect to be in charge of the sandbox, king of the hill, and Commander in Chief.

This is a "christian nation."
And not just any brand.
But their brand.

But it doesn't go their way.
Except for now.
When the Orange Crush is in the Oval Orifice.
And folks like Franklin Graham and Paula White have his ear.
Because he wants their votes.
And they want his power.

What the evangelicals understand is power.
Control and dominance.
One nation under god.
Under god's heel.
Their heel.

On the throat of the nation.
No more bad people.
Well, at least poor people.
Who are lazy and no good.

And no more abortions, because it's murder.
And there will be no murder in their land.
And if bad guys die, well, that's not murder.
That's god's justice.

Bad guys.
Bad women.
Refugees who are only a cover for Islamic Terrorists.
All those children.
You bet.
Evil to the core.
Sinners for sure.
They believe in foreign gods.
And all the other gods of all those foreigners.

So, fly the bombers and launch the drones.
Build the fences and ban the Muslims.
Because we lub je-e-sus.
And je-e-sus lubs us.
Uh huh ...

So, no more mistreatment of us.
We take no joy in it.
We hate it.
And we hate you, too.
For mistreating us.

Put us in charge.
And it'll end.
And so will you.
You piece of unbelieving shit.
Oh excuse, I mean, you reprobate.
God loves you, and so do I, but let me warn you: don't believe a word I say.
You minion of hell.
You servant of Satan.
Lost piece of scum that you are.

Woo hoo ... I can feel the spirit.
Power flowing through my limbs.
Guns and the smell of napalm in the morning.
Good for a soul weary of being mistreated.

Well, that's the evangelical beef.
I think they've got it all wrong.
They've been wrong for a long time.
And the wronger one is, the more war monger one becomes.

War against everyone.
Who will not see it their way.
Who will not bow down to their little tin gods and phony miracles.

Oh well ... what does any of this mean?
I know they're wrong.
Seriously and dangerously wrong.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

No One's Gonna Hush Us Up

As you may know, I'm reading a new bio on Martin Luther, the birther (hee hee) of the Reformation, 500 years ago.

Folks were always telling him to hush up and work it out.
Glad he didn't.

Was he perfect?
Heaven's no. Or maybe
Hell no.

But who is?
Yet, in our imperfections, can we not hope that
Some will show up who can beat the odds?

Luther did, for good and for ill.
And more for good than not.
And the ill remains anyway.

We fight the ill.
We faith the good.
And no one's gonna hush us up.

And we'll not work it out.
Because in such out-working.
The good is lost.

We will work, nonetheless.
But not for a sham piece of the pie.
But for the peace that surpasses all.

Thank you Martin Luther.
Thank you Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thank you John Lewis.