Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Praying for Franklin Graham

Several days after Franklin Graham's assault on Duke University, it occurred to me to pray for him.

To add his name to my prayer journal - Forty Days of Prayer.

At the first thought, I said "no!"

Two days later, thought about it again, and this time, painfully wrote his name on one of my prayer pages.

A few days later, praying for him is a bit easier.

I must pray for him, as I must for my "enemies."

And enemy he is - standing foursquare contrary to everything I value, everything I seek in the name of Christ, everything for which I hope.

Yes, he's my enemy.

So, what do I pray for?


Who am I to specify anything to God on his behalf?

And I certainly will not pray for God to "change" him ... for I could only offer to God a few things that correspond to my set of values.

So, how do I pray?

I say Graham's name, and then say "Jesus my LORD," and note the date; I will do this for Forty Days ... or longer, as the Spirit leads.

Does this make me a "prayer warrior" or anything like that?

I doubt it.

Am I patting myself on the back?

Sort of.

As I see it, it's important, and it's good to pray for him, this way ... to offer him up to God, value-free, without prejudice, wish or desire, trusting God in the matter.

Four days into it, it was easier this morning to pray for Franklin Graham.

Jesus my LORD.